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25 Dec 2019
If you are thinking of buying a Tefal Actifry or the Philips Air Fryer, you will either be thinking about eating more healthily or about losing weight. Where these machines come into their own is because they can make a very real difference to the nutritional values of many foods. There is no doubt that these machines are a very useful piece of kitchen equipment, read on to find out why.  beste airfryer 2019

Both these machines sit on the worktop and can be stored away when not in use (although they do take up quite a bit of cupboard space). The primary reason most people buy one is because you can cook around a kilo of chips or roast potatoes using just one tablespoon of oil. Eating a low fat diet is essential in our fight against heart disease, obesity and other weight related health problems.

Everyone loves chips, especially children who can be difficult to feed at times. Asking them if they want chips will normally result in a 'yes' response. When you make them in an air fryer, you will have the added knowledge that you are not filling their bodies up with unnecessary fats. Egg, sausage, fish or ham and chips is usually a winner! As you will get very little food left on the plate, this will mean the money you are spending on food does not end up in the bin!

So, how do you make chips for your Tefal Actifry or Philips Air Fryer? First, peel (depending on your preference) and chip the potatoes into the desired size. You should make them of equal size, so if you have a chipper to cut them that would be ideal. Remember that the larger they are, the longer the cooking time will be. Soak the chips for at least half an hour beforehand to get rid of most of the starch. Dry them as thoroughly as you can, pour up to one tablespoon of oil over the chips and use your hands to coat the chips evenly. While the above is the recommended way to prepare your chips, don't get too stressed about them being exactly equally sized, soaking them for precisely half an hour or being perfectly dry, you will still get great chips as long as you make some effort.

While many people say that these chips are just like the deep fried version, I have not found that to be quite the case. Yes, they are fluffy inside and look very similar, but they are not quite as crispy. They are however delicious and by far the best alternative to the deep fried variety. The taste is a great improvement on the cardboard tasting low fat oven chips we have all suffered for years!

Both the machines mentioned here cook chips that taste the same. The only difference is that with the Tefal Actifry, you can keep an eye on how they are doing through the clear lid, and do not need to do anything until they are cooked. With the Philips Air Fryer, you set the timer and give the basket a shake half way through the cooking time. You will also need to pull the basket out to check on them near the end. Not a problem, but something you should keep in mind. Both machines clean easily and most parts can go in the dishwasher.

If you think the only item you can cook in these machines are chips so they are not cost effective, then you are wrong. You can cook at great deal of recipes in them; it just takes a little bit of adaptation. Both machines come with their own collection of recipes and there are recipe books slowly coming onto the market. You should also keep in mind that some foods and recipes are more suited to Philips or the Actifry because of how the machines are constructed. For example, you can bake cakes and bread in the Philips as it doesn't use a paddle, but the Actifry is better for anything that needs stirring.

Many people think of potatoes as fattening and unhealthy. They are actually one of the best foods you can eat. Full of vitamins and minerals as well as high fibre, the humble potato will help you feel full for longer. The best thing is that they are plentiful and inexpensive.

The best way to prepare a potato is to do as little as possible. Do not peel it because most of the nutrients are directly under the skin. Do not add anything to it either. Most potatoes are fried which destroys any nutrients and loads them with fat. Potato chips have about 2100 kilojoules per 100 grams compared to baked potatoes with 275 kilojoules per 100 grams.

A good way to eat potatoes is to wash them and spray them with a little olive oil. Place them on a tray in the oven and bake until brown. Do not add anything else. They taste great the way they come, straight from the oven. It is best not to add salt. If you use salt, you should gradually cut back until you eliminate it from your meals. There is already too much salt in most people's diets. It is one of the deadly ingredients in most processed foods we eat.

The best way to eat potatoes is in potato salad. You boil the potatoes, and then chill them in the fridge. Use a vinaigrette dressing. The chilling process alters the structure of the starch in the potato, causing it to resist digestion. This makes it perfect for weight loss because it encourages your body to burn fat first. Usually carbohydrates are burnt by the body, then fat. This is why you have to workout for at least thirty minutes in order to burn fat.


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