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20 Apr 2021
Do you own a PlayStation 3? I Do. And I absolutely love this sport machine. In fact, I like it so significantly that I set my classic reliable PlayStation 2 system up for sale and sold it. Mind you, I am keeping each of the best activities, because they can be performed on the PS3 as well. Specially both player games that I perform usually with friends. Thankfully I had many PS2 controllers (4 to be exact) and made a decision to just provide two of these with my PlayStation 2 console. I figured I possibly could use my PS2 controllers on my PlayStation 3, and not have to pay another $50.00 on an extra controller.

Today, I did of course understand that the PlayStation 3 controllers were not similar while the PlayStation 2. While they do have their SIXAXIS instant controllers, there is also SIXAXIS sent PlayStation 3 controllers as well. However, these use a USB interface to be able to manage to plug in to the operator slots on the PlayStation 3. This did provide an issue, as the PlayStation 2 controllers do not have a USB plug, but an original connect that's certain to the PS2 Console.  faceplatestation
However, having examined and discussing video games and video game accessories for several years today, and observed as innovative businesses designed and developed what are named controller plugs [] for basically each computer game system on the market, I was specific that it was only a subject of time before a PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 control adapter could be released. And boy was I right. Not 3 months after the launch of the PlayStation 3, the PS2 to PS3 Control adapter started featuring on computer game web sites.

The PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 operator adapter is definitely an adapter for PlayStation 2 controllers. About 3 to 6 legs long, depending where design you buy. The adapter enables you to put in a PlayStation 2 control to at least one and, and then plug one other conclusion, which really is a USB put, in to the PlayStation 3. Your PlayStation 2 control works just like any sent PlayStation 3 operator, minus the SIXAXIS Help obviously, and the HOME button that's on every one of the PS3 controllers.

All the keys are of course there, therefore you'll be able to enjoy every single PlayStation 3 game in the same way you'd when using a PlayStation 3 controller. However, though the PS2 controllers have the rumble purpose / twin surprise integrated, Sony decided to get rid of that from the PlayStation 3 controllers (and I suspect it had a great deal to do with the lawsuit brought against them by the designers with this technology). What this implies is that regardless of the DUAL SHOCK operates included in your PlayStation 2 control, until you are enjoying PlayStation 2 games.

Not only does the PS2 to PS3 control adapter save money, and utilize your now unused PlayStation 2 controllers, you can also be able to enjoy your PS2 games just the same as you'd on your own PlayStation 2 unit, with all the rumble and force feedback that would be lacking if you're enjoying your PlayStation 2 games with a PlayStation 3 controller.

The operator adapter is really a fast and simple way to utilize your PlayStation 2 controllers on your own PlayStation 3. And especially, it's extremely cheap. priced at under $10.00, it's truly significantly cheaper than going out and getting still another PlayStation 3 controller. In reality, you might get around 4 adapters, and make use of all the PlayStation 3 control ports, and use PS2 controllers in all them. An excellend, and inexpensive way to enjoy these numerous participant games, and never having to let your PlayStation 2 controllers gather dust.


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